Helping to Improve Spaces

Associated Integrated Systems started designing and installing smart home automation systems for our clients in 1994. Technology has changed quite a bit since then. What hasn't changed is our dedication to creating the perfect living spaces for our clients in Kingston and across Eastern Ontario.

Our Story

At Associated Integrated Systems , we create systems that are carefully crafted and designed to reflect individual needs. Our systems are backed by rigid inspections and meaningful warranties with emphasis on service to guarantee each system maintains lasting value. Quality design, meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service are the fundamental values of Associated Integrated Systems.

Choosing The Right Brands

Although we work in the ever-changing world of smart home automation and electronics; we use brands that we're proud to install. Most of the brands are familiar names; some may be new to you. Rest assured, you'll love them as much as we do.
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Designed to Perfection

Using Associated Integrated Systems brings peace of mind to our clients knowing they are dealing with a company that specializes in lifestyle technology. Our standard is uncompromising. Our years of experience have enabled us to create a loyal qualified team of designers and technicians. Our reputation is built into every new or existing home. Our electronics manufacturers are thoroughly investigated. Our staff members are rigorously trained.

Pride in our Craft

One home at a time, Associated Integrated Systems has emerged as one of the most highly sought after home technologies firms in Eastern Ontario. Our goal is to ensure that each customer experiences the high level of quality that our clients have come to expect from Associated Integrated Systems


If you are thinking of adding some great technology to your new or existing home, you have made a great choice with Associated Integrated Systems . If you have a limited budget we always work within it; maintaining our quality standards. No project is too small for us. You'd be surprised what you can do in your home.



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