Wall to wall

WIFI is the foundation for the technology in the modern home. When you start with a solid foundation the possibilities are limitless.

Strong WIFI networks

Your home is as unique as the people living inside. The size, shape, and build materials affect your WIFI strength. Don't leave the health of your home technology to a router that's not up to the job. We design, deploy, and manage the WIFI networks in some of the most distinctive homes and businesses in Kingston, ON and the surrounding areas.

Where the WIFI
connects automatically —

From our video games and thermostats, to our favorite streaming services, the demand on our home networks is growing exponentially every year. We'll make sure your network can handle anything you throw at it.
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Structured wiring

If WIFI is the foundation of your home technology, structured wiring is the concrete. When you're building your dream home, we'll recommend structured wiring throughout. WIFI is designed for convenience, but there's nothing better than a hardwired connection. In home offices, connected to TVs, printers, even games, hardwired connections give you the best connection to the internet available.
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Goodbye deadspots

Nearly everything in our homes work on WIFI, even the thermostats. Wifi dead spots are caused by physical barriers in your house, like walls, along with the distance between your router and the area you want to get signal. Even the material of the building impact signal strength of Wifi. When we design your home network, we may recommend adding Wireless Access Points. Discretely located throughout your home, they'll provide the additional WIFI signal strength you need.

Streaming services

Streaming services are more popular than ever. As TV resolution increases, so do the demands on your network. We'll make sure you get the crispest picture possible, with bandwidth to spare.

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